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About Us

We are pleased to announce Dhana Metta Rescue Society as the next generation of animal rescue societies. We are a registered non-profit society located in Surrey, BC, dedicated to all breeds of dogs throughout Canada & the United States.

Our hopes are not only to help abused, neglected, special needs and senior dogs/cats, but also to educate the public on:

  • The importance of proper training and care of domestic pets
  • How we can all help prevent pet over population by spaying and neutering
  • The negative effects of puppy/cat mills and back yard breeders
  • How working together can make a change in the regulations & laws regarding animal cruelty

As we continue to grow and establish ourselves, we hope to see rescue work as a communal endeavor. Each and every animal in need should receive help, from all of us. We will work together with other rescuers and shelters, all in the name of the animals.

We strive to practice non-violent communication, peace, empathy, and compassion in our everyday lives and throughout our journey in animal rescue.

We can think of our society as a body, with arms and legs as parts of it. Of course, the arm is different from the leg; however, if something happens to the foot, the hand must reach down to help. Similarly, when something is wrong with our society, we must help. Why? Because it is part of the body, it is part of us.

In Buddhism, Compassion is defined as the wish that all beings be free of their suffering. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to rid the world of it’s misery.  We cannot take the task upon ourselves, and there is no magic wand to transform the affliction into happiness. Yet we can develop our own minds in virtue and thereby help others do the same.

— His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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